About Us

He Puna Rauemi (a wellspring of resources) is the business name given to the mahi /work tools that I am currently developing. 

He uri nō Ngāpuhi ahau. Ko Leisa Moorhouse ahau. I whakapapa (have ancestral links) to Ngāpuhi in the Hokianga, as well as to England and Ireland. I am an experienced Registered Social Worker, as well as an Educator, Professional Supervisor and māmā.

He Kete Whakataukī, came from the belief that whakataukī (Māori proverbs) contain wisdom applicable to our daily lives which can be drawn on to help guide focused kōrero - in whānau / family or professional settings. I am a strong advocate for practising from our authentic selves, and using tikanga (correct processes and ethics) and mātauranga (knowledge) to guide what we do. Given there was no tool like this available, and wanting to awhi (encourage) others to consider ways whakataukī can be used... this resource came to be.

I love hearing how inspiring people find whakataukī in their mahi and their daily lives. Metaphorical language, I believe, is under utilised, so it is exciting to hear from people who connect with this resource: with the beauty of the kete and with the insights from the whakataukī. My hope is that you will experience this too. 

Nāku noa